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Brian Freeman, Australia



About Brian Freeman, Australia

Brian Freeman is one of Australia’s most impressive endurance athletes. He has set records left and right over the past few decades on all aspects of athleticism in recent decades. In addition to displaying astronomical feats of endurance and stamina, Brian also stands out for his versatility. While most endurance professionals have traditionally focused on one discipline, such as high altitude climbing, marathon kayaking, desert and jungle racing, or stamina swimming, Brian has excelled in all of them. 

The accolades for Brian Freeman extend almost as long as his endurance. He is a sought-after private-guide adventure leader who has taken many of Australia’s professional and sporting elite on private adventure programs all over the globe. His combined bundle of expertise, safety record, and success rates as the CEO of his organization are unrivaled. He’s written two books and is working on a third, and he’s set several world records and ‘firsts’ in adventure endurance competitions. He’s also a frequent international keynote speaker, with 15 standing ovations in many of his past presentations. He received the Australian Geographic Society’s ‘Spirit of Adventure Award’ in 2016. Brian holds the Australian Army Active Service Medal, the International Force East Timor (INTERFET) Medal, and the Australian Defence Medal for his military accomplishments. 

His years in the army also contributed to Brian Freeman’s unique skill set, including special forces roping supervisor, military climbing course, and parachuting. During these years, Brian also earned Army Adventure training qualifications in abseiling, canyoning, and top-rope climbing. Brian’s post-secondary education focused on risk management and mitigation in adventure environments. He also holds advanced wilderness survival and medicine certifications.

As a public speaker, Brian Freeman’s charismatic personality shines through at venues all over. Some of his riveting talks include stories from the literal top of the world, on the peak of Mount Everest. He keeps audiences of all sizes enthralled with his tales of bravery and adventure. His enthusiastic audience members include past and present Prime Ministers and Governor Generals.  Brian Freeman’s feats of endurance are extraordinary, in part because he does many of them alone without support. Some examples include running from the top of Australia to the bottom and kayaking across the Bass Strait in winter without a support boat. Brian is also the first human to travel from Australia’s four cardinal points, north to south and east to west, on foot. 

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