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After two years of staying home, it’s time to get back on the road and plan a trip somewhere new. A getaway can be just what the doctor ordered, as COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted globally. 

Studies show that taking a break can boost happiness and prevent depression. It can also help one recover from burnout, increase creativity, and expand their horizons. In this article are a few ways traveling can improve your mental health

Happiness and Health

The studies conducted by various organizations, such as the Global Commission on Aging, Transamerica Center for Retirement, and others, revealed that traveling could lower one’s chances of suffering from depression and heart disease. The cognitive benefits of traveling are also linked to brain health. When one experiences new places and people, they tend to feel more reflective, which can help them re-evaluate their priorities and goals.

Stress Reduction

Getting away from the daily routine can help reduce stress and combat other mental health issues. A vacation can help one recharge and relieve their body and mind from the pressures of everyday life. When traveling, the things that can trigger stress in one’s life seem far away, which helps put things into perspective once they return home.


Unfortunately, vacations can be very unpredictable, as unforeseen expenses, travel delays, and other logistical issues can often prevent people from achieving their goals. However, these obstacles can help people become more resilient.

A sense of accomplishment is also generated by overcoming the challenges of traveling, such as finding a new public transportation system. These lessons can help one develop valuable life skills and improve performance when returning home.


Most of us maintain a close-knit social circle with our relatives, friends, and co-workers. However, when traveling, you may encounter people from different backgrounds who seem to have different mannerisms and expressions.

Even if one travels a couple of hours away from home, a vacation can still provide an opportunity to learn about other cultures. During your time away, take the time to connect with new people and learn about their culture.


Besides meeting new people and making new friends, traveling can also positively impact one’s emotional well-being. It can help one break out of their comfort zone and explore a new place. Doing so can help one lower their stress levels and improve their outlook on life.