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Be honest, are you a dormant adventurer with a pioneering spirit; however, think your ship may have already left the harbour?

Trust me, some of us have been out to ‘sea’ but most of us are still in the harbour …

Believe me, speaking with first-hand knowledge, from being part of and leading countless groups on adventures around the globe, age is no barrier, nor is a lack of experience. 

Just ask Bill Burke. I met Bill Burke on my first attempt to climb Everest in 2014. We sat next to each other on the bus to dinner and again at dinner that night. Of course, we should all go by, ‘never judge a book by it cover’ or ‘make assumptions’ – and here was me, wrong on both counts … I assumed Bill was a Base Camp Trekker.

Bill was then 72 years of age and was a former lawyer in the US. He had NOT climbed a mountain before he retired at age 60 (true story). Since retirement, Bill had completed the seven highest mountains on the seven continents (including Everest from the South side) which I was about to embark on. This time, he was in Kathmandu to climb Everest from the North, Tibetan side, and guess what? He did just that becoming the oldest non-asian person to summit Everest at 72 years of age.! We on the other hand, on the south side in Nepal, experienced a large icefall that killed many young Sherpas and closed the mountain for that season.

If you would like to read about Bill, here is a link Bill still inspires me today, at 58 years of age. His achievements are living proof that I have at least another 15 years of serious adventure in me. What about you, ready to leave the harbour yet?

And, if you think Bill was old when I met him, wait until I tell you about Australian Athol Alcorn next week ….